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When you first contact us we will discuss your case with you by phone or e-mail to ascertain if we are able to help you by  expressing  an opinion. If we inform you that we are able to help you by expressing an opinion we will discuss  with you the type of and cost of a report most suited to your case. No actual opinion will be given at this stage.

Types of report given  

You may request either a written or verbal opinion. A verbal opinion  is suitable if you just need an opinion over the phone. If you need documentation  to defend your case or present some sort of evidence then you will need a written opinion. There are three types of written opinion, the first is in the form of a letter which is  suitable as a record of our verbal opinion,  the second is in the form of an full written report which contains more detail, reasons for our opinion and is much more comprehensive than a letter. Finally, our report for court  complying with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR 35)  is suitable for use in court by a solicitor.  You may upgrade from one report to another by paying the difference between the lower and higher priced report.   

Please note: all reports including verbal reports must be paid for in advance. We are able to accept card payments.

The fees below are for comparing one questioned  signature with known signatures.  If you have more than one questioned signature or we are examining pages of handwriting the amount of time we will  have to spend on your case will increase, so we may have to increase our fees accordingly. We will advise you of the total cost before proceeding. 


Initial Consultation by e-mail or phone: FREE
Verbal opinion over the  phone:  119.00  
Letter of opinion / preliminary report: 169.00
Full written report: 395.00
Full written Report for Court complying with CPR 35 suitable for solicitors: 495.00
Full written single joint expert Report for Court complying with CPR 35 suitable for solicitors: 550.00    
When we are unable to quote a fixed price the hourly rate is 90.00
48 hour turnaround excluding weekends & where possible: double normal fee.

You may upgrade from one report to another by paying the difference between the lower and high priced report. 

What you need to do
You will need to send your questioned or forged documents or signatures with the documents or specimens for comparison. You will also need to send an accompanying letter with your instructions/requirements clearly indicating the questioned and genuine documents or signatures. If payment has not already been made you will need to include a cheque in the envelope for the agreed amount payable to Paul Craddock's Consultancy. I strongly recommend that if sending original documents you send your mail recorded delivery, see address below. Your report will then be posted back to you with your documents recorded delivery, depending on our current workload and the complexity of the case, normally within 15 working days. In the case of a verbal report I will contact you by phone and post your documents back to you, in most cases within 10 working days. When posting to you I always use recorded delivery when returning original documents. It maybe possible to work from a fax or scanned documents sent through email, contact us for details. 

Please note: If you have original documents available you should always send them to us. 

We accept MasterCard and Visa

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Terms & Conditions 

Depending on our current workload, after payment, Verbal Reports may take up to 10 working days and Written Reports up to 15 working days.

Our reports are independent; the person paying our fees will not in any way determine the outcome of the case. 

We are only able to express an opinion after spending time examining your documents. When we agree to give a report, no opinion has been expressed other than we are able to express an opinion after an examination.

We reserve the right not to start work on a report until a payment or a retainer has been received.  

In civil cases when attending court,  payment must be made for our court attendance before we attend.  



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